Absolute Elsewhere

A big thank you to everybody for making the Shelley Manor positively glow with ethereal energy. We had many great comments about the night and it’s plethora of esoteric outpourings. All of you made this a most memorable evening. Until next time…

Absolute Elsewhere took place on Friday 10th October, Shelley Manor, Bournemouth


A Black Mirror Experiential Production.

Curated by Dominic Shepherd and Matthew Shaw

From the New Forest to the Purbecks, the zone in between has acted as a locus to the other side; from Gerald Gardner and his perspective on modern witchcraft to the end place of Paul Nash, W.B Yeats, A.E, Aleister Crowley’s 777 and a seemingly never ending procession of esoteric artists and occult thinkers are an intrinsic part of Bournemouth’s history.

In honor of this Absolute Elsewhere brings a night of esoteric immersion that will manifest itself in Shelley Manor. A multi-sensory experience spread over the interior bringing together artists, performers, filmmakers and musicians for a night that promises to electrify and enchant the soul.

It will take the form of specially curated rooms, installations and a rolling stage program, contributors include English Heretic, The Cult of Rammellzee, Alexander Tucker & Mark Titchner, Heather Leigh, Jennie Savage and Graham Gussin, Matthew Shaw, Peter Symons & David Munns, Gorilla perfumes, Richard Waring and Seer Dirge presents Knifedoutofexistence, Upward, Watt Tyler and Urthona.


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