Jennie SavageIMG_6195 IMG_6196

Graham GussinIMG_6197

Mark & Paul CummingsIMG_6199 IMG_6201

The deer and the goat are common motifs in the foundational mythologies and cosmologies throughout Eurasia and North America. Both deer and goat have both nurtured powerful mythological heroes in their infancy. The totemic value of these creatures aided shamans to seek knowledge and transformed spiritual experiences into non-ordinary reality by identifying with the spirit of these creatures.

These sculptures offer up a modern visceral urban folk myth. Craft is aided by technology to afford a new status by providing a new kind perceivable reality, the non-physical digital reality. The backdrop to these sculptures provides an arc for this last chapter of the narrative.

Mark & Paul both attended Shelley Manor as art students.
Paul was trained as a Fine Art Painter at Cheltenham University, he graduating with a 1st for Studio Practice. He has continued to paint ever since leaving art school.

Gorilla Perfumes present “Dead Meadow”IMG_6194 IMG_6193Olfactory instillation
“What Simon Constantine describes as a ‘simple hay scent’ was inspired by ideas about government misinformation, crop circles, and Mark Constantine’s unashamed love of prog rock.
The installation comprises a sand yantra by Leila Dear, Collage suite by Alexander Tucker and audio by Strange Attractor’s Mark Pilkington”
Peter Symons and Dave Munns

shelly _visualisation[2]
This collaborative work is about place and traces of time. The layers of subtle clues that do not tell the truth but might give you access to a truth.

The work is about traces and layers as indexical signs of the phenomenological experience of place and the interventions of the artists.
It is about the passage of time and people that have passed through it. It looks at how light describes the passing of time – hundreds of years ago and last week.
We intervene to explore these narratives, disguise them, enable the viewer to experience them in their own way.
saltway3 still saltway 3 still-5 saltway 3 still -4

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