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Seers Dirge is an often locally sourced gathering of left field and experimental music which has been infrequently taking place under cover of darkness within the basements and church halls as well as living rooms and galleries in the Bournemouth area for the past two years. Usually comprising of forays into Drone, weirdo folk and noise music known to be set to a backdrop of candlelight, 70s folk horror or home made psychedelic visuals.
UrthonaIMG_6181 IMG_6177 IMG_6178 From the elemental uplands of southwest England comes the heavy rural sound of Urthona. Using psychedelic feedback, drone, unorthodox tunings and mythologically charged field recordings, Urthona’s super-amped worldview takes in moorland, seascapes, extreme weather and ancient and modern ruins. Neil Mortimer is the band’s core member, for live shows joined by Mark Pilkington (Asterism) on synths and electronics and Michael J York on Breton pipes and flute.

Watt Tyler
Watt Tyler is the newest manifestation and guise of the long running sound recording and performance project by Tom Daniel-Moon. An experiment in home recording and conduit-like practise. Using tape cassettes, percussion and a de and re-tuned guitar, the most recent output is a mangling of reflective self made samples guided by influences of gamelan, imagined folk song, drones and feedback noise.

Knifedoutofexistence is a noise project that started in 2012, playing it’s first show in early 2013. The project’s roots lie very much in punk and hardcore, something which continues to influence the project both sonically and ethically. Performances tend to be some what ritualistic by their nature, and this set takes this more literally by adapting and incorporating elements of The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The PentagramIMG_6189

An loose interpretation of microtonal healing: the void between conventional pitches, and the alleged zone of infinite creative potential. + A high volume exploration of the liberation / entrapment that lies in between.

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