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I’ll performing the genesis of a new piece of Inner cinema at Shelley Manor. Music from a pulp esoteric Spaghetti Western, starring Pazuzu, Choronzon, Abdul Alhazred, Charles Manson, Charley Varrick, the muses of Vermilion Sands and host of other chimeras from The Crimson Desert, I’ve long been interested in the correspondences between various visionaries reading of the red/mauve/vermilion zones as a place of pestilential imagination. In response to Matthew Shaw’s ideas for the event, most pertinently Crowley’s authoring of 777 in darkest Bournemouth, I’ll be riffing on the triplicity 333 in the typical mauve tinted polaroid spectacles of my Grantian lens.

It’s been most negligent of English Heretic not to celebrate the worlds of Merchant Ivory, but fear not coming soon – “Brideshead Reanimated”, in which we explore the links between the aesthete world of Evelyn Waugh and the sordid abbey of Cefalu, in which we discover a new breed of undead in the resuscitated corpse of aristocracy, its premature death so lamented by Waugh, but sadly now legion and vengeful. I’ll be airing this new music at Shelley Manor this October – think Steve Ignorant backed by late period Joy Division – angry but neuraesthenic.

ENGLISH HERETIC is the moniker of multimedia artist Andy Sharp, in operation since 2003. Over 10 years, English Heretic has set out to explore a new approach to ceremonial magic and archetypal psychology inspired by the outre work of Kenneth Grant, James Hillman, situationism and pop culture signifiers.

English Heretic attempts to manifest a deliciously troubled soul of our world, through ludic and heuristic engagement with horror film, pulp fiction and the esoteric arts. They have released and reported their findings via numerous books, CDs and events.

Musically diverse, drawing inspiration from psychedelic folk, ritual ethnographic recordings, electronica, TV documentaries, field recordings and other mashup genres, English Heretic’s sound moves from the sinister to the absurd with the troubling ease.


Matthew ShawMe at ae

1236551_576742199055669_2031061721_nMatthew Shaw will be premiering a brand new video and sound piece “Scire“. The piece is based on an artistic exploration of the Wica (or Wicca) movement that emerged from connections made at the Rosicrucian Crotona fellowship meetings in Christchurch. The Ashrama Hall and Christchurch Garden theatre ran by the fellowship led Gerald to the New Forest coven of Witches where he was initiated and where his journey of popularization of the witch cult began.

Matthew is one of the most fascinating figures on the UK drone underground, His music delves deep in Hidden Reverse traditions, incorporating specific environmental soundings of occult landscapes into beautiful drone works that advance the oracular/hallucinogenic English underground tradition of Coil, Richard Youngs, Andrew Chalk et al. A form of stripped down extended/smeared devotional song work that unites Shaw’s interest in site/time specific field recordings with the lunar cycles of Coil, Alpha Centauri Tangerine Dream and Aguirre-era Popol Vuh.
Shaw conjures the ghostly afterimage of ritual songforms and reassembles them as lucid, revenant forms animating particular landscapes, as if performing some kind of historico-cultural sleight of hand, resulting in Shaw’s most beautifully puzzling evocations of a phantom ritual England

Heather Leigh performs TermasIMG_6186 IMG_6185 IMG_6184

(final) Termas: moaning on Linda

Seven. A closet in foxfire, a fisher-price cassette recorder. Darkly tanned. Pink Linda. I look backward to you. You look forward to me. Our younger selves are our older selves are our current selves. You take my self. You take my self control.

The daughter of a coal miner, musician, artist and performer Heather Leigh was born in West Virginia and raised in Texas and has been recording and releasing music since the 1990s. These days she’s firmly rooted in Glasgow, Scotland. Her music has been described as “high metal masses for amplified strings and vocals that blow all notions of form and fidelity to pieces.” She’s released numerous recordings on labels such as Not Not Fun, Family Vineyard, Fag Tapes, Ultra Eczema, Chocolate Monk, Kendra Steiner Editions, Ikuisuus, Eclipse Records, Fonal and her own imprints, Wish Image and Volcanic Tongue. Her main instruments are pedal steel guitar, voice and harmonica.

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